Updated Mechanics in v1.0

After the version 1.0 release on April 1st, I was able to get a bit of playtesting with a friend via zoom. Here are some of the changes from the April 1st version. 

  • Visual indicator now added for Spray charge. A circle appears around your pointer to show how much spray power you have left. 
  • Tweaked the Report and Underreport mechanic to be more different. Now there is more clarity on which one to choose based on the current situation. 
  • Typo fixes for the word "quarantine"... it's not quaratine anymore. 
  • Changed "Health Risk Level" to "National Risk Level"
  • Tutorial has been updated with new information on the report and underreport mechanics. 


NovelContainment_PC.zip 28 MB
Apr 02, 2020
NovelContainment_Mac.zip 28 MB
Apr 02, 2020

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