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You should upload the apk of the Android version on you don't need to publish on Google play store

yea I'll let you know! Thanks!

Can you please port this game on Android plz reply

Thank you

Hey! Definitely something I'm thinking about for the future. Thank you! 

The game looks really good but it keeps buffering and pausing randomly. I'd love to play but I can't (Mac version 4/4/20)

Hi! Are you running on Catalina or an older version of macOS?

I'm running Mojave

Check out the latest version for Mac OS, if it still seems to run slow, let me know. I'll re-upload the 32bit version. Thanks! 

I've made a quick update on the 64 bit version, try it out and if it still buffers let me know!

Hey there! I have a Mac and my computer says I can't open this because it's not set up for the latest version of Mac, if you could fix it by any chance I'd be super excited to play!

Hi there! I just finished updating the game to support the latest Macs. Should be working now. If you get a pop-up that says "cannot open because of unidentified developer" Hold [CONTROL] and select [OPEN] to start it. Let me know if you have any other problems! 

Thank you so so much! This game was so amazing and so well put together. It's a great eye opener, thank you. I hope it gets better

Thank you for playing!